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Wed Aug 8th 2007

Last show! I'm finally moving! That's it for me on WITR! I hope to keep this as a podcast in the future.

I have been jotting the the playlists, but I've left them in my backpackit page for now

Playlist and mp3 of the 12-14-2005 show are up.

Rochester's INSIDER, has a write-up of the show (Sept 8, 2005)!

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Sorry. I need to redo these now that I changed my time slot.

Show ID's :: So far, I've only gotten Icon of Coil. :P [All mp3s]

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RobotsITS_2005-12-07.mp3 [106.68 mb]

RobotsITS_2005-12-14.mp3 [156.62 mb]

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The most recent show will be here every week for the convenience of those that have missed it at the aired time. If you really like what you're hearing, please support the artists. The EBM/synthpop/darkwave, etc. scene is very small in the US. So, I feel it is important to support these artists.

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